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Rotterdam, The Netherlands





Design proposal



Cultural, Catering & Recreation

The facade and roof consists of integrated panels, which contain a hard foam insulation, sandwiched between two plywood sheets. The lightweight and durable polycarbonate system that is used for the facades will also be applied to the roof. The roof will offer space for solar panels and can easily accommodate a wind turbine.

The walls of the building consist of repeatable durable polycarbonate modules that are lightweight and therefore easy to move. The structural plywood is unprocessed internally, while the outside is covered with an extra skin of durable polycarbonate sheets. This system is an ideal alternative to traditional cladding systems because it is lightweight, durable and has a very high insulation value. The units are fast and easy to assemble. This will minimize the area on the construction site. The small sizes, the weight and the materialization of the modules ensure low transport costs, while at the same time being robust and resilient for external locations.

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